Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Bane of Maternity Clothing

I'm not big yet. In fact I could have been overheard a few days ago wondering if perhaps my lack of bigness was a bad sign. But, I certainly can't deny that my pants are indeed, getting super tight. I had an embarassing moment at work the other day when a coworker stumbled in on me buttoning my pants up. This led me to stop over at H&M after work to ponder the question of maternity pants. Let me tell you, they are heinous. I can't bring myself to actually try them on because I'm not really big, so I imagine if I tried them on it'd look stupid. So I just bought a pair of size 12 pants (*cries*). They fit well, and I still have room to grow.

Why are maternity clothes so horrible?

Why do they have the super stretchy band at the top that makes you feel like you've stumbled into the big and tall store on accident?

Okay, I know what the band is for, obviously, but it's so wrong. I have noticed some really great maternity clothes, but it becomes a question of, do I pay $175 for 7 For all Mankind jeans, or will I have to whip out my University of Missouri jogging pants?

Does it make me a bad person that I look through magazines and say wistfully "I can't wait until I'm skinny again..."?


Blogger Zhangsta said...

That "skinny" girl looks like she's on drugs. Hey, you're gonna have to wear maternity clothes eventually, but you can still be cute. My history teacher dressed really cute and she was REALLY PREGNANT. She just had her baby a couple days ago too.

8:45 PM  

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