Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Strange Coincidences

So, today, it was announced that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are also expecting a baby. Hooray, I think, but what a strange coincidence!!! I mean, consider all of the following ways we are linked...and therefore our babies are linked. It's like some cosmic aligning of stars:

  • Brad Pitt is a big famous movie star -- Peter once saw Seven Years in Tibet
  • Brad Pitt is from Springfield, MO -- I'm from Springfield, MO
  • Angelina adopted a baby from Cambodia -- I once had Cambodian food, which is gross, btw

Okay, I'm totally kidding here, but who knows? Should be a fun summer. I think I'll have mine first, so take that Angelina!


Anonymous Bob said...

Hey X, P and mini-XP,

Paul just gave me your web-adress... and yeah, it may be a bit cheesy but it's kinda cool for us back here in the Netherlands to see some pics and stuff of you two... and I think Nel and Har will appreciate it too.

In your 'Brad and Angelina'-comparison you forgot something btw; apprantly Brad loves mussels -- Peter knows the musselman ... (ask P for an explanation)


10:57 AM  

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